Bring imagination, adventure and fun to your classroom!

Exciting new drama teaching resource for primary and preschool educators.


Rainbows, Pixies and a Lost Tail is a comprehensive, practical resource for early childhood and primary educators to help children learn through drama. The book provides clear and engaging step-by-step guides for teachers of drama for children aged 3-8 years.

Inside, you’ll find practical advice, strategies, structures and conventions for facilitating learning through drama. Each plan takes you and your children on a journey exploring imagined worlds and characters. You’ll encounter: magical stones, strange rainbows, cranky neighbours, a tyrannical queen and a giant, hungry tree. As you and your students take on roles, use improvisation and make collaborative decisions to shape the narrative, you’ll encourage innovation, problem-solving, creativity, and help build communication and social-emotional skills.

The book offers:
• Fourteen fully detailed, easy to follow drama learning plans
• Extension activities and cross curricular ideas for each plan
• Real life examples of how the lessons have progressed in previous classes
• Explicit links to the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Drama Curriculum F-2

Whether you’re new to teaching or an experienced drama specialist, this book will equip you with the practical strategies and tools to help your students learn through drama.


Meet the Author

Suzanne Cox is a drama teacher from Melbourne, Australia. She has over 30 years experience teaching in preschool, primary and secondary settings. Suzanne is director of Schamozzle, where she runs drama classes for preschool and primary-aged children and arts programs for children on the autism spectrum with Dandelion Kids. Suzanne is currently completing a Master of Autism with the University of Wollongong.

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