Benefits for your Child

Our drama classes help develop confidence. Drama is not just for the outgoing children who love to act. We have lots of success helping to build self-esteem in our quiet, shy or anxious children.

Drama is about imagination and creativity. We encourage children to see the world in different ways, to generate ideas and to be original, innovative and flexible thinkers.

By taking on different roles and “walking in the shoes of others”, children can understand different perspectives and develop empathy and kindness.

At Schamozzle we are inclusive and non competitive. You don’t have to be good at reading, remembering, writing or learning lines. There are no stars or minor roles. Everyone contributes and decision making is shared.

Through drama, children learn to understand problems and give suggestions to help solve them. Dilemmas, challenges and obstacles are introduced by the teacher. We work together to generate ideas. We examine situations and think critically about them. The classes encourage flexibility, thinking on your feet and innovation.

Drama is a group activity. It requires co-operation and group decision making. Negotiation, respect and teamwork are integral. For the drama to work, everyone must follow a group plan. We learn to value others, receive praise and accept constructive feedback . We learn methods to resolve conflict and that we don’t always get our own way. We learn that for a group to be effective sometimes individuals must compromise and adapt.

Every week and every class is unique and depends on each child’s contribution.

Through speaking and acting in role, language and presentation skills are improved.

The practise of extended improvisation helps develop sustained concentration.

By taking on the language of the roles they are playing, communication is improved. Children learn about vocal projection, articulation, fluency, tone, persuasive speech and expression. They learn and use new vocabulary and to use voice and language expressively and in different contexts for different purposes. Drama helps kids be more effective communicators.

We take turns to listen and respect each others’ ideas when planning the stories. Listening and observation skills are developed.

Drama improves literacy. We create stories and learn about narrative structure, character, plot and dramatic elements such as suspense and timing.

Drama uses physical skills and can help improve non verbal communication. The activities involve our bodies. We need flexibility, co-ordination, balance, control, posture and strength.

Drama helps children to understand their feelings. They can explore and express their own emotions and concerns through the characters and stories created. Our stories are open-ended. No-one knows exactly how the drama will will develop or resolve.

We offer a free trial class. 
Contact us and see how your child can benefit from drama.

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