About Schamozzle Drama Classes

Schamozzle have been running drama classes in Yarraville for over a decade.

Our classes are different! Each week we build a shared, whole group, improvised story. There are no costumes, concerts, scripts, starring or minor roles. Instead, we use imagination to create other worlds and situations where we encounter challenges and work collaboratively to solve problems.  Through storytelling, we empower kids and help them to make sense of the world. By taking on roles and in effect walking in the shoes of others, we understand different perspectives and learn about kindness and empathy. In our classes, every kid’s voice is heard. The process is empowering, confidence building and above all fun.

All of our classes are facilitated by two staff.   Our classes are run by highly experienced, registered teachers who have specific qualifications and training in the methodology of teaching drama.

What we Do in Drama

Our classes are focussed on the process of developing whole group improvised dramas. We don’t do concerts and performances. In a child’s early years the best, most authentic drama experiences occur without an audience and when kids are fully engaged in the direction and development of a story. We use improvisation, not scripts. Children contribute ideas to solve problems and to advance the drama. Instead of concerts, we hold parents participate classes where families are invited to come along, join in the fun and see how their kids are progressing.

Suzanne Cox - Director & Drama Teacher

Process Drama

Process drama describes a whole group improvised drama. It is a method of teaching and learning where everyone is involved in the telling of a story and exploring the issues within the story. We use dramatic forms (such as movement, mime, games, soundscapes) to create a shared imaginary dramatic world and make discoveries about ourselves and the real world along the way. Children learn through structured, dramatic play and the drama provides a safe space to explore the diversity and challenges of our world. In this method of teaching, the process is important and emphasized, not the end product. Children are not told where to stand, how to act or how to put on a performance for adults. Instead it is a collaborative process where children are involved in the telling of a dramatic story.

Let us help your child develop confidence, explore their creativity and have fun!

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