Primary Drama



In our drama classes for primary aged children, we work collaboratively to create whole group, improvised dramas. Everyone is involved in the telling of a story and exploring the issues within it.  We create a shared imaginary dramatic world and make discoveries about ourselves and the real world along the way.  

Our drama classes help children to:

  • develop confidence
  • be creative. See the world in different ways – generate ideas and be original, innovative and flexible thinkers
  • understand different perspectives and develop kindness and empathy
  • understand and resolve problems
  • be adaptable, co-operative and a team player
  • develop sustained concentration, listening, observation 
  • improve their communication skills

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Thursdays 4pm or Saturdays 9am at Yarraville Community Centre
Class is suitable for primary aged children P-6
$19.50/class payable by term in advance
Sibling and early bird discounts offered.

To find out more, or enrol in a free trial class contact us.

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