Preschool Drama Classes

Four preschool aged children lie on their bellies facing the camera and smile playfully.

In our early years drama classes, we work together to develop an improvised, dramatic story. We all take on roles within the story. In the drama the teacher introduces an obstacle and we work together to examine and overcome the challenge.

Our preschool drama classes help children:

  • develop confidence
  • see the world in different ways, generate ideas, be original, innovative and flexible thinkers
  •  develop empathy and kindness by “walking in the shoes of others”
  • co-operate with others – learn to negotiate and compromise, respect others and follow a group plan
  •  become effective communicators by learning and using vocabulary in role and using voice, language and body expressively
  • practise concentration, listening and observation
  • explore, express and understand emotions

Drama teaches valuable skills to help prepare children for school and beyond. Read more about how drama can help your child here.


Saturdays during school terms 10am at Yarraville Community Centre.

Class is suitable for preschool or prep children aged 3 years+.
$19.50/class payable by term in advance.
Sibling and early bird discounts offered.

Parents, we encourage you to join in the drama with your child at this age. It’s a great way to bond together while helping to develop your child’s communication, confidence and social skills. And you’ll have great fun!

To find out more, or to enrol in a free trial class, contact us.

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