About Schamozzle

Schamozzle have been running classes in Melbourne’s inner west since 2008. We aim to provide a fun, stimulating program which fosters creativity and develops children’s abilities to work co-operatively, express ideas and problem solve.

Our classes are taught by highly experienced, registered drama teachers who have specific qualifications and training in the methodology of teaching drama.

Process Drama

Our Approach to Teaching Drama

Process drama describes a whole group improvised drama. It is a method of teaching and learning where everyone is involved in the telling of a story and exploring the issues within the story. We use dramatic forms (such as movement, mime, games, soundscapes) to create a shared imaginary dramatic world and make discoveries about ourselves and the real world along the way. The process is important and emphasized not the end product.

Benefits of Process Drama

  • Encourages empathy and seeing things from different perspectives
  • Develops skills working with others, co-operation and negotiation
  • Encourages thinking about ourselves and others and understandings about the world – our past, present and future
  • Increases problem solving abilities and gives opportunities for decision making
  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • Develops skills in concentration and focus
  • Fosters language development & communication skills
  • Gives opportunites for creating, exploring and further understanding stories
  • Increases self confidence

About the Classes

Our classes are focussed on the process of developing whole group improvised dramas. We don’t do concerts and performances. In a child’s early years the best drama experiences occur when they are fully engaged in the direction and development of a story. We use improvisation, not scripts. Children contribute ideas to resolve problems and to advance the drama. Instead of concerts, we hold parents participate classes where families are invited to come along, join in the fun and see how their kids are progressing.

  • "Frances has been enjoying Schamozzle drama classes with Suzanne since she was in kindergarten and she's in Grade 6 now! As she told me "I've been going to drama almost my whole life!" Frances has a lot of fun at the classes and she's always smiling when I pick her up. Schamozzle is such a great creative outlet for Frances and the classes have given her a lot of confidence."

    Carol Trezise, parent
  • "Drama has been great! All the different themes and imaginative things thought up is amazing. Also the teaching style is pretty neat."

    Jack, student.
  • "When I was a child, I was lucky enough to be part of drama classes every Saturday for many years. There were no elaborate performances, costumes or make up. Each week we acted out an open-ended imaginative scenario as a group. It had a huge impact on my confidence and creativity. When I went looking for a drama class for my children, I wanted to find a similar supportive and stimulating environment. Schamozzle was a remarkable find. Suzanne creates classes each week that are thoughtful and engaging. My children have been going for years and absolutely love it."

    Emily Murray (parent)