10 Things to do with Kids in Melbourne’s Inner West these Summer Holidays

7th December, 2018

Holidays have barely started. Are your kids driving you bonkers already? Here’s Schamozzle’s list of 10 creative things to do that’ll get them off the playstation and out exploring their neighbourhood.

1.  Get Something Fixed at the Melbourne Repair Cafe

On the 2nd Sunday of every month between 10am-1pm, the Inner West Melbourne Repair Cafe sets up shop at the Yarraville Community Centre 59 Francis St, Yarraville. How ’bout doing a sort out of the kids’ toys. Find something that needs fixing and bring it along. The Repair Cafe is staffed by volunteers. If there’s something you have in good condition you can bring that along to the Repair cafe to give away too. 

2. Draw or Photograph an Icon of the West

Grab your camera, mobile or sketch pad and pencils and head to an icon of the west to make some art. Here are my suggestions:
• The Heavenly Queen & Temple at 20 Joseph Rd, Footscay along the Maribyrnong River. She’s the giant golden statue of Mazu Queen of the Sea. You can’t miss her as you look out your window on the train home from the city. 
• The beautiful art deco Sun Theatre 8 Ballarat St, Yarraville is a great subject to draw or photograph and you can comfortably sit in the Yarraville pop up park with plenty of snacks options nearby.
• The Westgate Bridge from beneath or nearby.  There are great views and walks along Stony Creek.

3. Check out an Amphitheatre

Investigate amphitheatres online. Check out the amphitheatre at Footscray Community Arts Centre. You could go for a stroll along the river afterwards.

4. Browse a Bookshop

Find a book at the Younger Sun bookshop. They hold weekly storytime sessions. Your kids might be inspired to write and publish their own story. I’ve used blurb to make kids books and photobooks and I really like them.

5. Prepare an Indian Feast

When my kids were in primary school we’d have an International Cuisine Day a couple of times a year. We’d choose a place and find out about it. We’d go on a hunt for music, table decorations, costumes. We’d plan a menu and visit a special International grocer and then cook up a feast. It was a big deal that took a couple of days in a holiday to plan and it’s making me exhausted just remembering it. But it was also a lot of fun. My favourite was Indian. I love the strip of Indian shops along Barkly St, Footscray and still make regular visits to my favourite supermarket Bahrat Traders. They have every spice, lentil and flour you can imagine as well as little copper bowls and other colourful, shiny things.

6. Enrol in a SciencePlay Class

SciencePlay are running science workshops at Footscray Community Arts Centre 45 Moreland St, Footscray over the holidays for 2-10 year olds. They involve dressing up, making mess and doing experiments and look like they’ll be fun. Bookings here

7. Head to the Aeroplane Park in Braybrook

The aeroplane park 141 Churchill Ave, Braybrook used to be my favourite park when my kids were little. Then there was a fire and the aeroplane was destroyed. But now there’s a new awesome aeroplane, I reckon your kids will love it. Read about it here.

8. Check out the Exhibition at Phoenix Arts Gallery

The Our Story art exhibition is being held at Phoenix Art Gallery 72 Buckley St, Footscray. The artworks are by young people who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness. 

9. Plant Something

Give the kids a little patch or pot in the garden to plant some herbs, veggies or flowers. Or make a terrarium. Or pay a visit to a plant shop and choose some indoor plants to care for. There’s lots of inspiration and healthy indoor plants at one of my favourite local shops mosey 97 Anderson St, Yarraville.

10. Write a Story or Comic 

100 Story Building 92 Nicholson St, Footscray run literacy workshops throughout the year. They have a bunch of awesome sounding classes over these summer hols. Bookings here 

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